Specialized Executive Health and Wellness Programs

A unique health and luxury travel experience

Premier Wellness Package

Your Premier wellness package is a unique health and luxury travel experience. Will be integrate spa treatments, nutrition counselling, healthy cooking and yoga immersed in exotic Dominican locations. The program is customized to meet your needs based on your risk factors, family history, gender, age and personal goals. These will be determined through a personal call from your Premier Health physician in advance of your visit. Based on the information obtained from this conversation, your Premier Health physician will arrange for you to meet with specific medical specialists, nutritionists, personal life coaches, exercise physiologists and other experts.

Premier Health Examination

Your Premier Health examination may include any or all of the following services:

  • Heart and cardiovascular screening and risk assessments
  • Scans and procedures to evaluate the heart’s electrical system, valve and muscle structure and function, and risk of coronary artery disease
  • Assessment of your risk for a stroke or brain aneurysm
  • Personal and executive coaching to help manage stress and facilitate work-life balance
  • Cancer screening and risk assessment
  • Cancer screening procedures and scans
  • Screenings and consultations on general health and vitality
  • Fitness and lifestyle consultations
  • Full day spa Healthy cooking class
  • Boutique hotel stay in Colonial Santo Domingo Casas del XVI) or Exotic Punta Cana Dominican Republic (Westin Punta Cana or Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe)

Your Premier Health examinations may also include the following options in addition to the standard comprehensive examination.

  • Immunization update and consultation for health risks related to international travel
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Other subspecialty consultations (i.e., orthopaedics, neurology, cardiology) specific to your health and needs
  • Genetic counseling to assess risks of developing specific illnesses, with disease prevention and healthcare recommendations

At the end of your visit, your Premier Health physician will explain your available test results, and discuss recommendations to optimize your health and wellness. Should any urgent issue be identified during your visit, you will have priority access to the appropriate specialist for further evaluation.

Women’s Health Specialty Evaluation

Our Women’s Executive Health Evaluation is performed by a United States Board Certified physician and includes the standard comprehensive physical examination as well as:

  • Cervical pap smear – a test for cervical cancer
  • Mammogram – an x-ray examination to detect changes in the breast, including cancer
  • Pelvic exam – an evaluation of the cervix, uterus, ovaries and vagina for any abnormalities

Other Specialty Programs

  • Cardiovascular
  • Diabetic
  • Sports Performance

Additional Services

Consultations and screenings are tailored to your personal needs and corporate considerations. Other tests, consultations or counseling may be recommended after reviewing your family history, lifestyle, symptoms or other risk factors.

Optional tests and services can be requested, including vision and hearing tests, skin (dermatology) consultations, stress management counseling, and cosmetic surgery. Additional services may lengthen your visit.

Medical Care for Spouses

Some couples prefer to arrange simultaneous appointments at CGHIM. With sufficient notice, CGHIM can usually accommodate your request.

Corporate programs

Corporate enrollment in Executive Health Program offers companies a way to maximize the health of their leadership teams. There are flexible options for types of coverage and billing.

Your company depends on a healthy workforce to be productive and sustainable. To ensure that your team stays healthy, it is essential to promote a culture that emphasizes prevention and wellness. The first step is to provide an executive health benefit, so your team members can begin to take charge of their own health.

Executive Health Program provides services various executives each year. The highly-skilled physicians and clinical staff in our Executive Health Program understand the stressors and time management issues that are common for executives and business owners.

Our program targets and identifies your executive’s health risks and offers recommendations for a successful health management strategy. If the need should arise for consultation in a specific medical area, your executive will receive VIP access specialists and sub-specialists.

Corporate Health Program will assist and support your company by optimizing the health of your executive team. We can assist you by:

  • Coordinating and implementing service agreements