Maritime Medicine Institute

Providing comprehensive, convenient and efficient medical care to the maritime industry since 1974

Maritime Medicine Institute provides comprehensive, convenient and efficient medical care to the crew members of cruise ships, shipping vessels and yachts. Our experienced team of service representatives and medical professionals are dedicated to meeting the special needs of the maritime industry.

Serving the maritime industry since 1974, The CGHIM Maritime Medicine Institute recognizes that providing excellent and timely service to you and your crew members is quite different from providing excellent service to members of the community. We know that your time in port is brief and departure delays represent lost time, productivity and money. That’s why we have designated multiple locations in the Dominican Republic to serve. These modern facilities provide full-service diagnostic and clinical services, all under one roof.

We respect your commitment to your crews’ health and well-being. We know that happy and healthy employees are productive employees. Our goal is to provide quality patient care that results in superior clinical outcomes. Our team of internationally certified physicians and specialists, nurses and support staff are dedicated to providing that quality care in a timely manner, so your crew can get back to the ship quickly.

Cruise Ship
Comprehensive medical care to the crew members of cruise ships, shipping vessels and yachts.

Our personal representatives provide you with concierge-type service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One call sets the process in motion and our dedicated team goes to work for you. Our emergency care staff assesses each crew member upon arrival to ensure the proper course of treatment, thereby saving valuable time. Our skilled medical team uses leading-edge technologies to provide patients with the highest quality care. Real-time reporting means that you know the course of treatment for each crew member. With this high-tech approach, patients receive the latest treatments and most sophisticated healthcare services in the shortest amount of time.

Specialized Services

  • Personal representatives are on call 24/7 to provide assistance when you need it.
  • State-of-the-art, full-service facilities are conveniently located close to the ports.
  • Emergency care staff assess patients upon arrival to ensure the proper treatment course and minimize treatment time.
  • Diagnostic testing and clinical treatments are performed under one roof, saving valuable time.
  • Internationally certified physicians from a variety of medical and surgical specialties collaborate with nurses and support staff to diagnose and treat patients the same day.
  • Personal representatives provide concierge-style service, assisting with patient scheduling, discharge, follow-up and medications.
  • Patient education and training ensures positive outcomes and keeps your crew healthy.
  • Multilingual staff and language translations serve diverse patient needs.
  • Patient prescriptions are quickly processed through designated pharmacies.
  • Medical equipment needs are fulfilled to ensure your crew members have the necessary supplies for a speedy recovery.
  • Emergency transfer transportation is arranged, if needed.
  • Repatriation services and medical escort by specialized physicians with full equipment capabilities.
  • Air and ground ambulance coordination with key partners including American Medical Response (the largest and most reputable ambulance company in the USA) and PROMED Dominicana.
  • Coordination and consulting on crew wellness, health equipment and supplies.
  • Immigration letters are completed, allowing patients to remain ashore for additional care.
  • Premier facilities that include complimentary breakfast and lunch, cable TV, movies and wireless Internet service provide a comfortable atmosphere for your crew.
  • Telemedicine services via smartphone and internet offer timely care and coordination of medical services throughout the region and prior to arrival at port.

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